Hey there, oil babe! Welcome to my essential space.

My name is Keeli and I am so glad that you found your way here. Let me take a minute to introduce myself.

I am a mom of three sweet babes, a wife, a Presidential Diamond leader and educator in dōTERRA, an eternal optimist, a positive energy giver and a dream chaser.

I have a true passion for educating others on how simple it is to use essential oils in your home. So grab a coffee or tea, a notebook and pen, and let me walk you through some of the basics.

Many people start to explore natural options because they are ready for a change. For me, it was being a first-time mom and seeing my little girl come down with bug after bug and feeling powerless.

Even with Western Medicine, my options were so limited due to her size. I had reached my breaking point and was ready for a better way.

My shift began when I experienced the power of essential oils firsthand.

Everything changed the night that my (then) tiny baby girl needed some extra respiratory support.

You see, before I knew about oils, I was doing what my mom did with me when I was under the weather: sitting in a hot, steamy bathroom and trying to get the steam to break up any congestion. This, however, only worked temporarily. So, when we got out of the bathroom, the congestion would come right back. The cycle was exhausting for both of us.

The month I had purchased my oils, a similar situation came up yet again. This time, I turned to my oils first.

I put some fractionated coconut oil into my palm with a drop of the respiratory blend “Breathe” and a drop of “Frankincense”, and massaged it over my daughter’s lungs and on her feet.

Within minutes, she was sleeping and her respiratory system was completely soothed. She woke up the next day rested and so did I.

I couldn’t help but think, “how does every mom not know about these?” It was at that moment my mission and purpose was born.

doTERRA Breathe Oil Uses and Benefits